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Pastor B.J. Pleasant, a U.S. Army Veteran Sergeant, is the Owner & Senior Strategist for BJR enterprise, Ltd., a boutique management consulting firm helping businesses achieve measurable benefits through practical application. She is a global thinker whom also serves as the Co-founder & CEO of Community Arts Experience, Inc. (C.A.E.) – a 501 (c)(3) services agency dedicated to the education, well-being, and empowerment of underserved communities. C.A.E. was established in 2008 in Canton, Ohio, and has expanded to four locations nationwide within four years, having served over 1,500 + youth and their families.


After being called to ministry in 2003, Pastor Pleasant aimed to motivate and empower change agents of our communities to impact the world around them. A series of youth homicides that rocked the Canton, Ohio community in 2008, influenced Pastor Pleasant’s decision to lead the initiative with Canton City Schools developing Students Taking Ownership Mentoring Project (S.T.O.M.P.). As project lead, she incorporated a youth council of leaders allowing them the opportunity to become the voice of change, offering solutions to bullying and violence, lack of education, poor employment rates, public policy and self-esteem challenges they are exposed to daily. Today, over 45 community agencies now regularly commit to mentoring approximately 150 students annually as a result of Pastor Pleasant’s movement. She now specializes in consulting other nonprofits in the fields of Planning and Operational Structure for the greater good. Pastor Pleasant applies over 20 years of expert knowledge and relentless energy to all of her clients for maximum impact and benefit.


Aside from also being a gifted musician, singing for Grammy Award winner Karen Clark Sheard, Grammy-Nominated Kierra “Kikki” Sheard, and Shirley Murdock, and touring internationally, her professional achievements include the flowing: Bachelor of Business Administration in Organizational Management; Associate of Business Administration with a Specialization in Business Administration; Pastoral Advisory Committee Member, Christian Chamber of Commerce of Western Pennsylvania; Advisory Council Member, International Coalition of Marketplace Alliance; Board member, Zion Education Center, Inc.; Program Evaluator & Fiscal Manager, Operation Lighthouse Project; Committee Member, Kingdom Unification Alliance; “Success in Leadership & Commitment in Business” Award (Celebration of Heroes); “Philanthropic Award” (Walsh University); “President’s Public Service Award” (Stark County Black Caucus); “Outstanding Community Service Award” (Stark County NAACP). Pastor Pleasant appreciates her wonderful husband, children, loving parents and strong foundation of faith for all that she has accomplished.

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B.J. Pleasant

B.J. Pleasant currently serves as pastoral advisory committee member of the Christian Chamber of Commerce of Western Pennsylvania, advisory council member of the International Coalition of Marketplace Leaders (ICML) and board member of the Zion Education Center. She has been awarded the “Success in Leadership & Commitment in Business” Award (Celebration of Heroes); "Philanthropic Award” (Walsh University); “President’s Public Service Award” (Stark County Black Caucus): and “Outstanding Community Service Award” (Stark County NAACP).

Specialties: Strategic Planning, Finance & Accounting, Executive Coaching, Managerial Accounting, Nonprofit Program Development, Leadership Training, Transformational Management, and Curriculum Development


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