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BJR enterprise, Ltd. takes a holistic view of your organization and navigate today’s ever-changing competitive landscape. We'll help you improve processes, develop and implement paperless strategies, meet compliance requirements and ensure success through change management.


We provide comprehensive solutions for critical back-office functions, including HR, finance and accounting, and operations. Our services range from assessments to improvements and complete transformations with the goal of ultimately aligning your people, processes and technology to enhance performance.


We value creative back-and-forth with you, examining your best thinking, as well as ours, to vet and refine ideas until satisfaction. Arriving at solutions frequently involves mutual consideration of our experiences, thoughtful research, adaptation of best practices, and awareness of trends.

Meet the Owner

B.J. Pleasant

B.J. Pleasant

Owner | Senior Consultant & Solutions Strategist

  • B.J. Pleasant, Owner


"B.J. Pleasant has the ability to find people who can/will work as a team... then to inspire them to be a most effective team! She inspires others, bringing out their most creative natures to the extent that the 'whole' becomes more than the sum of the parts."

Lois DiGiacomo / State of the Arts - TV Host

"B.J. Pleasant has worked extensively with us across a wide range of consulting assignments. We initially appointed B.J. to assist in resolving some long-standing issues with the academy’s student recruitment. However we have been sufficiently impressed with her expertise, project management skills and energy that her role has expanded to include support with website development and branding. B.J.’s support has been invaluable during a period of significant change for the academy."

Brighten Heights Charter School - Board of Directors

"B.J. Pleasant came into our business with a fresh pair of eyes and listened intently to our views and frustrations. She was able to see opportunities from a fresh perspective and offer help and advice. With B.J.'s help we were able to develop a side of the business that complements our core objectives."

Michelle Steward / Michelle's Designs, Inc. - Owner

"I have known and valued B.J.'s thoughtful input, analysis and attention to detail for a long time now, but was only recently sharply reminded when her skill and judgement augmented an important body of work I was preparing in a limited timescale.  If you require assistance or a fresh pair of eyes to look at an existing or new project or business, B.J. will provide the perspective you need to deliver an enhanced solution."

Randy Bond / RBC, Inc. - Owner

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