Community Arts Experience, Inc.

Founder & CEO

Community Arts Experience (C.A.E.) 501(c)(3) charitable organization is dedicated to empowering individuals to transform culture.


C.A.E. delivers an alternative learning & training system that provides evidence-based programs and services to equip children ages 7-17, parents, and adults with the education, skills, and moral compass to flourish in their communities across generations.


C.A.E.'s holistic and systemic collaborative approach to learning creates a foundation for students to pursue their career and life goals by aligning and integrating social and emotional learning (SEL), arts-infused education, and workforce preparation efforts through an equity lens. ​

C.A.E.’s organizational structure comprises four service divisions to equip students for leadership to influence society for the common good. Each service division offers various learning pathways or workshops designed to achieve a more personalized learning experience that aligns with students' personal and professional goals. The common goal within each division is to empower C.A.E. students to become curators and connectors of knowledge and well-being.

  1. Performing Arts Division

  2. Health & Fitness Division

  3. Media & Technology Division

  4. Education & Development Division

C.A.E. partners with local businesses, nonprofit organizations, schools, and government agencies to provide access to childcare, transportation, affordable housing, mental health and substance support services, food accessibility, and education resources to improve the quality of life, family, and community.

C.A.E. - B.J. Pleasant

BJR Enterprise, LTD

Owner & Senior Consultant

Whether you are an entrepreneur with a vision or an established business ready to push your company forward, BJR Enterprise, Ltd. has the solutions and resources needed to help you grow and achieve measurable benefits.

BJR Enterprise, Ltd. takes a holistic view of your organization and navigate today’s ever-changing competitive landscape. We'll help you improve processes, develop and implement paperless strategies, meet compliance requirements and ensure success through change management.

We provide comprehensive solutions for critical back-office functions, including HR, finance and accounting, and operations. Our services range from assessments to improvements and complete transformations with the goal of ultimately aligning your people, processes, and technology to enhance performance.

BJR Enterprise - B.J. Pleasant, Owner

One Kingdom Ministries

Executive Pastor | Prophet

One Kingdom Ministries mandate is to be a visible demonstration of the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven, where Kingdom truths, values, principles, priorities, and ethics are not only taught, but embraced, believed, and initiated daily to transform culture.

One Kingdom Ministries is an Apostolic and Prophetic Church. As an apostolic people, we are change agents sent to influence and change our world. As prophetic people, we have an understanding of the times.


We are God's holy nation, a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, and treasured people.


We are evangelical, winning souls for the Kingdom of God.


We are Kingdom; a military might invading the seven spheres of societal influence, transforming culture and filling our world with the Glory of God.

We are Kings and Priests unto our God. As Kings, we have the authority to transform lives. As Priests, we have compassion for mankind. As Kings, we are warriors, and as Priests, we are worshipers.

Our individual destinies are found in our corporate identity.


As the Tabernacle of David, we are a people without prejudice and a people of praise; we take vengeance over all our enemies and rule over every circumstance!


We are the seed of Abraham and the seed of David. As the seed of Abraham, we are promised the land and as the seed of David, we are promised the throne. The land is the earth, and the throne is our legal right to rule it.


We are chosen for greatness and anointed to finish. Nothing shall deter us from enforcing the finished work of Jesus Christ in our world!

B.J. Pleasant